Thursday, 1 September 2016

What's on the table - September 2016

Here's the list of what's on the table as we start September:
  • Cromwell 1/76th Pz IV H (bought 2014)
  • Oathsworn Miniatures Burrows and Badgers Mouse Knight (bought 2016)
  • Revell 1/144th Bf-109E (bought 2015) 
  • Revell 1/144th Hawker Hurricane  (bought 2015) 
  • Newline Designs 10mm Greek Armoured Hoplites (bought 2015)
The Cromwell Pz IV is proving to be a pain in the rear which is why it's been an ever present on the What's on the table since I started in May. It's a resin kit with incredibly fragile turret schurtzen. All of the supports were either broken when I got it or have broken just by looking at them.  As is well documented on various forums, whilst producing lovely models Cromwell Models are a nightmare to deal with, so there's no chance of approaching them to get a replacement. In fact to get this kit I had to go through a third party. Additionally the model didn't come with the side schurtzen or with the supports on the model which is pretty poor as all Pz IVHs had them. So I'm going to have to do a fair bit of scratch building to get the model to look half way as it should. It's a real shame because the rest of the kit is lovely.

This is the smallest list of items in progress since I started the blog in May.  I'm on holiday for the first two weeks of September and this made me focus on getting things finished rather than starting anything new. When I return from holiday the goal is to complete the Mouse Knight and the two 1/144th planes but I don't envisage there to be much else that's happened when I publish the update at the end of the month. I really want to crack on now with my Punic Wars project. 

So until mid September...

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