Monday, 26 September 2016

Essex Warriors Open Day

Sunday saw the Essex Warriors open day held at Writtle Village Hall -

I've been to this show a lot over the years. The guys at the club are a good bunch, there's always a few traders you can pick some bits up off and there's a good old fashioned bring and buy. I've usually managed to get rid of items that would never make the painting table   - we've all got items like that. This year though I didn't have anything that I wanted to take along and I think that's a sign of success. I've been more discerning in my buying recently and I've also been more disciplined in actually completing stuff. 

Apologies for lack of any details and image quality but here's some shots of games held by club members:

ACW game

Colonial Game A

Colonial Game B

I managed to pick up 3 books all in good condition for under a tenner from the bring and buy, and got a bottle of Anti-Shine matt varnish from Andy's Models, a trader that regularly attends. Not exactly last of the big spenders but I was happy and I'm not looking to add to the lead/plastic/resin pile until I decide what to do re. Vietnam and the other projects that have been bubbling about in my head. 

This show is the opposite of Salute, the other show that I regularly attend. It's good to know that the hobby supports both extremes of scale and they are both as important to the hobby if we look at more than just the financial aspect. I look forward to next year. 

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