Wednesday, 11 January 2017

LRDG Pt.2 - 15mm

Inspired by working on the Artizan Designs 28mm LRDG I got a pair of 15mm Battlefront Ford V8 trucks. I don't play FOW (although I have a number of the force books) but I use my FOW figures for Bolt Action. On being given the Duel in the Sun supplement for my birthday I liked the idea of adding an LRDG squad.

I really like these little trucks. What I didn't like was 2 machine guns missing (according to BF there should be 4 in the pack) and the 2 crews being duplicate figures. To improve on this I did a head swap for one of the drivers, modified a British bailed out tankman I had from a Grant, added a spare Bren Gunner from a Motor Platoon pack and an LRDG man from the SAS patrol which were the first Battlefront Figures I bought in 2007 when I still had a FLGS. I also added stowage from a German stowage set I had. I think it makes a big difference to the models as they look somewhat naked and unfinished without this additions. 

Here's some more pictures:

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