Wednesday, 11 January 2017

LRDG Pt.1 - 28mm

In December I finally got round to finishing the pack of Artizan Designs 28mm LRDG figures that I've had sitting around since 2013. 

Here's some shots:

I was pleased with these. My personal preference is for less beefy figures but for some reason I like Artizan and have a lot of the Old West range and some other bits and pieces. These were done just for a change and for the pleasure of painting.

I have the companion pack to these, which were the first 28mm WW2 that I bought and painted in 2007. At the time I was quite pleased with how they turned out, but looking at the difference it's tempting to repaint the old pack.

I don't game WW2 in 28mm. I started collecting when WW2 was either 20mm or 1/300th. And then I bought FOW for my Western Desert stuff before 28mm had the variety it has now. If I was starting out now I think I'd go for the Perrys 28mm range as it does look superb. 

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