Friday, 12 August 2016

Punic Wars goodies

My Newline Designs Ancients order came through last week. As ever good service from Newline, they really are very easy to deal with. A good, easily navigable website, easy and clear order and account system, good postage rates and always speedy to get your goodies to you.

My order consisted of 1 pack (30 foot/12 horse/3 elephants) of each of the following (codes in brackets):

Roman Hastati (10R12)
Roman Princeps (10R11)
Roman Triarri (10R10)
Carthaginian Elephants (10CA04)
African Heavy Infantry (10CA01)
Libyan Heavy Infantry (10CA02)
Numidian Cavalry (10NU02)
Numidian Infantry (10NU01)
Samnite Infantry (10SA01)
Celtic Warband (10CE01)
Spanish Scutarii (10SP01)
Greek Hoplites Advancing (10GR02)

That gives me around 300 10mm figures to paint.

To support this new project I've been raiding the county library service and digging out the few titles from my collection.  Here they are in all their glory.

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