Thursday, 4 August 2016

The butterfly calls

I refer to my posts of  15/07 and 22/07 where I talk about my next projects. I have to confess that in the last 7-10 days the wargames butterfly* has visited and although Vietnam is still very much in the frame I've started a different project. And it couldn't be more different to those mentioned on 15/07. I've started a Punic Wars project. 

Quite a diversion from the Vietnam War. I've started ordering library books, researching on the web, bought an Osprey and even ordered a few hundred figures without my usual agonising about it. 

I blame reading.  On the work commute I'd been reading the excellent Marathon by Christian Cameron. I had read Killer of Men earlier in the year and similar to then I started thinking about Ancients. I had already dug out the pack of Newline 10mm Hoplites (bought on a whim last year) as a bit of practice to try and decide on scale for the Vietnam project.  I think the stars aligned or something but coupled with reading Marathon and Newline's summer sale it all happened very quickly. 

I'd looked at the Greek/Persian wars before when I had some long since eBayed Immortal Hoplites and had decided not to collect. But the Punic Wars has a lot going for it. Hoplite armed infantry, Numidian and Celt allies, elephants, Scipio and Hannibal - what more could a lad want I ask you?

I have a lot of research to do and I very enthused. However, I haven't abandoned the Vietnam project at all. I'm going to order some Pendraken Punic Wars and when I do I'll get some 'Nam samples. And I'm going to split my research time between the two. Strangely I think they will complement each other as my autumn/winter projects. Terrible to think like that when it's only just August but the way the weather was at the beginning of the week it has made me think that way.

*wargames butterfly - thanks to Mike Hobbs for naming the condition. I came across Mike's blog a few years back and recognised a fellow sufferer. 

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