Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Stuff on the table - January 2018 UPDATE

Here's what I got up to in January:
  • Zvezda 1/144th Ju-87 Stuka (2017) - no further progress
  • Revell 1/144th Me-262 (2016) - assembly completed
  • Newline Designs 10mm Roman Princeps x30 (2016) - painted, varnished, based COMPLETED
Additional items worked on:
  • Artizan/North Star Dark Confederate zombies x4 (2017) - cleaned up and primed
  • Artizan/North Star Jackalope (2017) - cleaned up and primed
  • Newline Designs 10mm Roman Triarri x30 (2016) - cleaned up, primed, main painting complete
I've set myself the target of 30 10mm Punic Wars figures a month which means I should complete by October/November time. I'm slightly ahead as I'm just completing the details on the Triarri as we finish January. They'll be varnished and based ealy in Feb. Probably wise to switch focus and then gear up for another batch at the end of the month.

January Purchases
Privateer Press Cryx Bloodgorgers. These were an absolute bargain at £17.60 for a painted unit of 10. They retail at around £60! The paintjob is ok. I'll leave the metals and redo the skin and bases. 
6xArmy Painter washes. My stockpiled Citadel ones are finally running out so I thought I'd give these a go. I also restocked a few essential Vallejo paints and bought a set of Javis fine sable brushes to help with all that 10mm painting.
And that was it, quite restrained. I'm happy with what I've got on the go so no need to buy anything more.

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