Friday, 19 January 2018

First 10mm - Greek Hoplites

At end of last year I finally managed to complete my first 10mm figures. Here they are, a unit of Greek Hoplites from Newline Designs.

These were originally purchased back in 2015 as a test to see if 10mm were a viable option. During painting I got very fed up and they were banished from the painting desk to the drawer of shame. However, I had invested in over 300 10mm Punic Wars figures by that stage and realised I needed to grasp the nettle as it were and finish them off. 

After the basic painting was complete they sat there for ages while I mulled over how to do the shields. I initially looked at decals, but decided it would be torturous in this small scale. Therefore, I bought a set of very nice Sakura Pigma Micron Colour Pigment Fineliners which enabled me to do the shield designs. 

I then dithered about how to base them and was looking on the Warbases site when I came across the Minihammer range. As the only Ancients rules I own is the original Warhammer Ancient Battles set, these made perfect sense and I am really pleased with the consistency and quality of the bases. I've used circular Warbases for my Burrows and Badgers and Early War 28mm as well. 

Finishing this lot has set me up nicely for cracking on with the Punic Wars project which I first conceived in 2016. They'll be more of that later in the month and hopefully through the year.

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