Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Badger and Toad

I finally got round to sitting down and finishing my last two Burrows and Badgers figures that I picked up at Salute 2016. 

First up the Badger Mercenary:


And the Toad Animist:


Both fantastic figures, like all of the Oathsworn figures full of character and very enjoyable to paint. I hope that I've done them justice even though maybe the photos are a bit ropey.

I have a nice collection of 15 of these minis now. Since I picked this batch up Jo and Michael of Oathsworn have released another two Kickstarters which somehow I missed. However, after an email to the aforementioned Oathsworn supremos I've gone all in for all the minis and the mouse house. That should be with me for Christmas so a nice present to myself. It also gives time to tackle some of the other items that have been sitting about.

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