Friday, 22 July 2016

Research and scale questions

As mentioned in my last post I've started thinking about a new project. To this end I went through my book collection and also picked some up through my excellent local library service. Here they are:

This week my copy of the Flames of War Tour of Duty supplement arrived. I'm very happy with it, it's very good background info for whatever rules and whatever figures I end up using. It was a bit of a steal for £8.99 off eBay.

I still haven't completely decided what scale to collect 'Nam in. I have an Indo-China collection with 40-50 20mm Liberation Minis Viet-Minh figures, a few buildings, some palm trees and other assorted terrain bits that would all do very well. That leaves me to add in some AK-47, RPG and RPD armed troops and that would almost be one side complete. 

For the USA and or ANZACs I'd have to start from scratch. Dependant on the size of force and how much armour I wanted this could be costly.

Or the alternative is to go with 10mm using Pendraken and Timecast. All excellent stuff. Decisions, decisions but I've made a start and will look at properly costing out what size force I want to collect before I make any purchases. 


  1. I'm currently working on my Nam project, all in 20mm. If you decide to go a different scale, and want to sell or trade your Viet Minh, let me know. I have some 15mm figs I can trade if needed, basically stuff that was advertised as 20mm and once I got it was clearly too small.

  2. Great selection of books you have terms of scale, I would ask how large of an action you want to depict? Ambush Valley is a great resource and has some excellent small unit investments, 20-28mm...Peter Pig and Battlefront have great ranges and with 15mm you could have company sized action...more of an investment though.

    Good luck, can't wait to see your progress.

    1. Agreed, there's great ranges out there at the moment for all scales. I'm still undecided between 10, 15 or 20mm. As well as the cost implications I don't think that I'd ever get the project past a squad at most if I went 28mm as I'd be agonising over the uniforms. As I read more over the next couple of weeks I hope to be able to make a decision.