Friday, 15 July 2016

Just one more new project

As we approach the middle of the month I thought I'd better do an update for my not so many readers.

The month so far has been a titanic struggle or perhaps that should be a struggle with Titans. I've finally gotten round to painting the Skorne Titan Gladiator and Cannoneer that came with the small Skorne army that I got off eBay in 2014. These are big figures covered in detail and are taking up all my hobby time. 

As I persevere with these I'm thinking of starting a new project. The last new project I started was back in 2013 when I took a diversion to Afghanistan and which ended up as a 1920s NW Frontier project. Since then all of my purchases and time has been spent on adding to existing projects. Ah, not quite true as I bought a load of Burrows and Badgers minis at Salute.  However, that doesn't count.

In the frame and being researched at the moment are:
  • Six day war - 6mm or 10mm 
  • Vietnam war - 10mm
  • 1980s Europe - 6mm
I've definitely been influenced by the Battlefront offerings for each of these eras, but I baulk at paying the BF prices. However, I do like their books and their website is full of useful information. 

The three conflicts offer something different for me. 10mm is a brand new scale. And for the Six day war and 1980s Europe these would involve far more armour than I currently use for my WW2 games which are no more than a troop of armour per side. 

I'm currently working out costings, looking at suitable ranges and manufacturers and reading about the conflicts. I'm hoping that by the end of the month I'll have made a decision and ordered my first units.

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