Thursday, 1 March 2018

Stuff on the table - March 2018

Here we go for March:

Zvezda 1/144th Ju-87 Stuka (2017)
Revell 1/144th Me-262 (2016)
Artizan/North Star 28mm Dark Confederate Zombies x4 (2017)
Artizan/North Star 28mm Jackalope (2017)
Newline Designs 10mm Roman Hastati x31 (2016)
Newline Designs 10mm Celtic Warband x31 (2016)

The 10mm Punic Wars project is progressing steadily. The aim was to complete 30 a month so I'm slightly ahead on this. Similarly to this time last year I've been spending more time playing guitar than painting. But it'll even itself out as the year goes on no doubt. 

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