Thursday, 7 September 2017

Falling in love again

When I got the original black and white edition of Prime back in 2004 I fell for Warmachine in a big way. Khador and Cryx battle groups were duly collected. I was there at Salute 2006 for the release of Hordes and a Circle of Orboros battle group was added to the collection. A Legion of Everblight battle group followed in 2007 and then a steady addition of models for my existing factions. And every new book and each edition of No Quarter. 

Then in 2010 PP released Mk II and I was pissed off with the thought of spending all that coin on new rule books, forces books, cards etc. I stayed pissed off until 2014 when I revaluated and got hold of the mini rulebooks and the MkII faction decks, even going so far as to get the correct tokens for all my factions and I was all set again. I even bought a small Skorne army off eBay. 

Then we got to the end of 2015 and they announced MkIII. And that pissed me off. So I really thought that was it. I'd play the occasional game of Mk II and leave it at that.

Then I got an email from PP about the Grymkin faction. It appealed. Dangerously. So I had a look and discovered that PP had made all the MkIII cards available for free in a nifty database that produced a pretty PDF for your factions. And the rules were a free download (like MkII). And then I got the new rules digests for a few quid each from a nice fella on eBay. So I'm all set again. It's 2004. I love Warmachine (and Hordes of course).

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