Monday, 31 July 2017

Stuff on the table - July 2017 UPDATE

Here's the update for July:
  • Oathsworn Miniatures 28mm Burrows and Badgers Toad Animist (2016) - no further progress
  • Oathsworn Miniatures 28mm Burrows and Badgers Badger Mercenary (2016) - no further progress
  • Battlefront Miniatures 15mm WW2 Japanese Hohei platoon (2016) - Bases painted and highlighted.
  • Battlefront Miniatures 15mm WW2 USMC rifle platoon (2016) - All figures painted and  varnished. Bases textured, painted and highlighted.
I made good progress with the WW2 Pacific project this month.


I took the USMC rifle platoon (above right)from primed to based and virtually complete. I also painted the Japanese Hohei platoon's bases (above left ). All that's needed to complete these two platoons is to add final highlights and then foliage and grass which I need to buy. And do two Japanese sniper teams which I managed to eke out of the Japanese pack. 

As you can see in the photo above I left an empty slot on six of the USMC bases. This enables me to add either a rifle man or BAR gunner as required. The BF pack provided options to add a BAR gunner per rifle team so I have a nice lot of spares. These figures have had their cast on bases textured and painting to fit in with the team bases. They also got an additional two coats of varnish as they'll be subjected to more handling. 

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