Friday, 26 May 2017

A year and a day on

How time flies. I was thinking this morning that it was about a year ago that I created and first posted on this blog. So I checked and my first post was 25/05/2016.

In that post I set out my aims for the blog "I'm hoping by writing this blog it will motivate me to keep on top of the hobby and share some stuff". Well I think I can say that I've done that. 

After peaking in December and January my updates have tailed off this year due to other pressures on my time. We have lots of things going on with family, as we're at the age where parents need attention. And I've been busy forming a band. However, I am still painting and will try to get back to blogging as we hit the summer months where the light is good for hobbying and better for photos.

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