Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Furry critters.....and a snake

When I went to Salute this year my main purchase was a batch of 15 of the fantastic Burrows and Badgers figures from Oathsworn Miniatures. Readers of this blog (there may be one or two of you out there) will have noticed that I've been completing a few of these as the year has progressed. Last week I finally managed to take some photos.

L-R top row: Fox Brigand, Ferret Rogue, Otter Rogue
bottom row: Weasel Rogue, Mouse Knight, Adder Mage 
I love these figures. They combine two of my main passions, wildlife and miniatures! Each one is oozing with character. Michael has done a superb job reproducing the nuances of each species with his sculpting. And Jo and Michael of Oathsworn are top people as well. 

Fox Brigand

Ferret Rogue

This was the first one I painted. I chose to paint her with the classic Polecat facial markings.

Mouse Knight

Weasel Rogue

If I was picky this is more Stoat sized than Weasel but what's size between Mustelids!!!

Otter Rogue

 Adder Mage

This one caused me a bit of an issue as I'm not keen on snakes. It's a lovely sculpt but it gave me the creeps doing it and looking at lots of pictures of adders. I was going to attempt to do a male Adder with it's distinctive black and white scales but felt that it was so well sculpted that I may overdo it and spoil it. So it was finished very simply with multiple grey and black washes over white primer.

Hope that you like them and that I've done them justice.

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