Thursday, 10 November 2016

1/144th WW2 planes

Since my splurge on the Punic Wars 10mm project in August, I've been trying not to buy  anything that needs "doing". I've bought some books and some hobby supplies (varnish, grass etc) but no minis or kits. My resolution for the rest of the year was only to buy if it's a). something I've been searching for that's out of print/production and an example becomes available  and/or b). is something that's on the want list and is a very good price. Otherwise I'm trying to resist. 

Resistance crumbled last week. I really enjoyed making and painting the Revell 1/144th Micro Wings Hurricane and Bf-109E in the summer and I've been trawling eBay on and off for more of these little beauts having been outbid on a couple of auctions. However, persistence pays off and I managed to pick up these little lovelies for £2.00 each. And they met both of the above criteria...surely that's justification enough?

As well as being lovely classic WW2 aircraft all of these have a wargaming use. The Corsair and Hellcat have multiple applications. I could use them as support for my FEC forces in Indo-China or for the inevitable 15mm USMC Pacific force that'll be collected at some stage. The Stuka gives me a further option to the two Eduard Stukas that I need to build. That leaves the Me-262. Well everyone needs an Me-262 don't they? 

I realise that I've come late to this party and Revell no longer make these kits. I'd be really interested to pick up more and also if anyone has a definitive list of what Revell produced. 

Bf-109 and Hurricane

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